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Andrew Chuang|
1992/2 莊振辉先生注册成立锦昌集团。
1996/10 鉴于美东华人对传统医药的需求,锦昌集团所属,纽约同仁堂40-34门市开业,专营传统中医药相关产品,延请袁德民中医师驻診。
1999/12—2006/12纽约同仁堂40-10 门市营业
2001/08  锦昌集团与中国北京同仁堂集团公司   美国市场代表:    
北京同仁堂集团公司 进 出 口 分 公 司
北  京  同  仁  堂 ( 美国 )  有  限  公  司
签署品种总经销协议书 No. TRTA002 ,代理共计92个北京同仁堂传统中成药产品。
February 1992: Mr. Zhuang Zhenhui registered and established the Jinchang Group.
October 1996: In response to the demand for traditional Chinese medicine among the Chinese community in the Eastern United States, Jinchang Group opened its first store, Tong Ren Tang 40-34, in New York City, specializing in traditional Chinese medicine products, with Dr. Yuan Demin as the resident TCM physician.
December 1999 to December 2006: Operation of Tong Ren Tang 40-10 store in New York.
August 2001: Jinchang Group, in collaboration with Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group Company, established the U.S. market representative:
Beijing Tong Ren Tang (USA) Trading Company
Signed a total distribution agreement (No. TRTA002) to represent 92 traditional Chinese medicine products from Beijing Tong Ren Tang.
June 2006 to June 2014: Operation of Tong Ren Tang Kissena store in New York.
Over the past 30 years, we have served over 10,000 customers monthly at our stores. We sincerely thank our customers for their enthusiastic feedback and guidance from professionals. We are committed to genuine operations and professional services, striving to ensure that "Tong Ren Tang New York is your guarantee of health.
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