Shipping Terms and Conditions

免邮服务Free Shipping Discount
We are happy to offer Free Shipping (Cover maximum 15dollar) on all domestic orders over $100 with the use of promo code "FREE100" and 3 dollar off over $50 with promo code"3off50" at checkout. This will be domestic economy ground shipping service (exclude international shipping, other some Ginseng brands and luxirious product).  Shipping service to be used is at merchant discretion.
Postage is based on the post office system and may need to be modified.
(Free shipping service only for website)
We are not responsible for any package loss due to customer reasons such as wrong address and wrong information

消费满$100可在结款时折扣码处输入“"FREE100”享受免邮费服务(美国境内包裹最高包15刀,除品牌西洋参及个别贵重商品).消费满$50可在结款时折扣码处输入“3off50”享受减免3刀.此邮寄为基础经济运送选项, 如需加急或有其他选择可自行付费。折扣码不可叠加使用




International Shipping
We ship all over the world, there may be customs clearance fees for international mailing. We cannot know the specific fees. Overseas customers can contact USPS and UPS before placing an order.International mail is not eligible for free shipping, and loss compensation.
我们可邮寄全球. 国际邮寄也许会出现海关清关费用,我们无法得知具体费用,海外顾客可在下单前联系邮寄公司了解,国际邮件不可享受包邮,及丢失赔损。

Because we need to abide by shipping carrier regulations, certain items require special packaging or handling, such as liquids, fragile items, heavyweight and other non-standard products. In this case, the shipping portion of the order is free but we must charge for the special packaging or handling required.



会员积分Membership Points
Membership: There is a membership points system on the lower right corner. Please make sure register a member account on our website, so you can start your collect points after place every order. You will have more discount code when the points reach a certain level.
会员积分: 在您进行购物前,可点击主页右下角“会员积分”系统并进行注册或登入.

This offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time and is applicable to the Continental United States only. Not valid with any other promotion or coupon code. Individual exceptions and restrictions may apply.


Insurance & Lost 保险及丢失

Please choose Primary or UPS service for all urgent and important packages.
All free shipping and primary packages (excludes first class packages) include insurance. We don't cover first class lost packages.

所有紧急重要订单自行选择USPS Primary 或者UPS递送服务。所有免邮费包裹及USPS Primary已包含丢失保险费(除First Class以外),我们不承担First Class及其他普通邮政包裹的丢失。

Except USPS First Class Mail lost, we also are not responsible for any package loss due to customer reasons such as wrong address and wrong information.If you have any mailing problems, please contact the your order post service first.

除USPS基础平邮丢失, 我们不负责任何由于客户原因如错误地址及错误信息等造成的包裹损失, 如有任何邮寄问题, 请客户先自行联系邮寄公司

Thank you for your support!