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Black Mulberry 黑桑葚 (瓶装)

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About the Product

Black mulberry trees are native to western Asia and the Middle East. This mulberry tree produces what many consider to be the highest quality mulberry fruits. Fruit from these trees is almost without exception black. Black mulberry trees are more popular in warmer, drier areas like California; when grown in Florida, they’re generally taller tree form.

A very rapidly growing deciduous tree, mulberry fruits very early in the spring and is an excellent wildlife food source at a time of year when there is little ripe fruit available. There are three species: Black, White, and the native Red Mulberry. Selected cultivars have the best fruiting characteristics, with large blackberries up to 2″ long that taste like seedless blackberries! Mulberries are an important early-season source of food for deer and game. Very easy to grow.


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