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Ejiao Drink 阿胶补血 速溶阿胶当归粉 20Packets

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About the Product

Ejiao (said: eh-gee-yow) is a hard gel that can be dissolved in hot water or alcohol to be used in food or drink, or in beauty products such as face creams. Believed to improve blood circulation, ejiao is used as a blood tonic by people with anaemia, low blood cell counts or reproductive problems.。。。

阿胶还具有止血的功效,可有效缩短凝血时间,能够改善各种出血症状。 阿胶入药或者入膳,善于治疗各种血虚症状,如面色苍白、唇甲蛋白、心悸失眠、头晕眼花、月经量少等症。 阿胶还有清肺润燥的功效,对阴虚肺燥引起的干咳、咽喉干燥、胸痛以及心肾不交所引起的心烦躁动、失眠多梦等症具有很好的治疗作用。

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