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Song Shu Pai Pine Brand Panax Ginseng Extractum (Ren Shen Jing) 松樹牌人參精

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About the Product

The original pine brand - since 1961. Made from 6 years old red ginseng roots. Song Shu Pai - trade mark pine brand. Pine Brand Red Panax Ginseng Extract is the first and original Red Panax Ginseng Extract to be imported into the US and has been available in the US health and mass market for more than 40 years. Using the most advanced standardized extraction process and only genuine six year old roots from China Mount Chang Pai grown panax ginseng, we present to you the finest quality Red Panax Ginseng Extract, which has been the number one selling brand in the US. Majority of ginseng plants is harvested when they are between 4 to 6 years of age otherwise they could rot underground. Clinical test results show that the optimal daily dosage is about 2000 mg. Long-term consumption of extracts over the recommended dosage could cause chronic toxicity. With the multitude of panax ginseng extracts available in the market and some with claims such as 12 to 20 year old ginseng roots used and extract contents ranging from 3000 mg to 5000 mg at very cheap retail prices, how can consumers tell if the claims are true and which is a fine quality product? Stems and leaves used in the extraction process instead of roots and sugar water being used could account for the low cost of some of the products. We would like to make you aware of the pitfalls in your choice of which ginseng extract to purchase. We guarantee that only the highest quality ingredients are used in Pine Brand Red Panax Ginseng Extract and its proven effect. Panax ginseng, the root of Araliaceae, is a precious natural product that grows in Mount Chang Pai of China. Product of China.




适应范围: 对疲劳过度,神经衰弱及新陈代谢机能衰弱,食欲不振,消化不良,头痛,失眠,健忘,烦渴,腹痛,下痢等有效。

服法服量: 每次一瓶 (10ml),宜于早晨或临睡前服用。

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